Regular Season Schedule
Fri, June 5Nationals @ Senators7pmWatersRAINED OUT, Moved to 7/3
Fri, June 5Cardinals @ Pirates7pmPVIRAINED OUT, Moved to 6/24
Fri, June 5Reds @ Grays7pmMaury WillsRAINED OUT, TBR
Sat, June 6MD Nationals @ Nationals7pmFairfax HSRAINED OUT, TBR
Sat, June 6Renegades @ Senators7pmWaters7-2 Senators
Sat, June 6Giants @ Pirates8pmPVIRAINED OUT, Moved to 6/13
Sun, June 7Pirates @ Senators2pmWaters5-1 Pirates
Mon, June 8Cardinals @ Grays7pmMaury Wills6-4 Grays
Mon, June 8Nationals @ Pirates7pmPVI4-2 Pirates
Tue, June 9Grays @ Pirates7pmPVIRAINED OUT, Moved to 7/2
Tue, June 9Senators @ Nationals7pmFairfax HS4-2 Senators
Wed, June 10Cardinals @ Nationals7pmFairfax HS3-0 Cardinals (5-in rain)
Wed, June 10Senators @ Grays7pmMaury Wills4-0 Senators (8.1-in rain)
Thu, June 11Pirates @ Cardinals7pmPVI4-3 Pirates
Thu, June 11Grays @ Nationals7pmFairfax HS7-6 Nationals (11)
Fri, June 12Cardinals @ Senators7pmWaters5-4 Senators
Fri, June 12Pirates @ Grays7pmPVI6-1 Grays
Sat, June 13Orioles @ Nationals7pmMadison HS8-0 Nationals
Sat, June 13Reds @ Senators7pmWaters19-2 Senators
Sat, June 13Renegades @ Grays7pmMaury Wills11-2 Grays
Sat, June 13Giants @ Pirates11amPVI5-0 Pirates
Sat, June 13Giants @ Pirates1:30pmPVI7-0 Pirates
Sun, June 14Pirates @ Nationals1pmPVI4-3 Pirates
Sun, June 14Senators @ Cardinals2pmWaters2-0 Senators
Mon, June 15Pirates @ Senators7pmPVI7-2 Pirates
Mon, June 15Nationals @ Grays7pmMaury Wills11-9 Grays
Tue, June 16Cardinals @ Nationals7pmTBDRAINED OUT, Moved to 6/18
Wed, June 17Grays @ Senators7pmMaury WillsRAINED OUT, Moved to 6/21
Wed, June 17Cardinals @ Pirates7pmPVIRAINED OUT, Moved to 7/11
Thu, June 18Cardinals @ Nationals5pmRiverdale HS5-3 Cardinals
Thu, June 18Cardinals @ Nationals7pmRiverdale HS4-3 Nationals
Thu, June 18Grays @ Pirates7pmPVIRAINED OUT, Moved to 7/17
Fri, June 19Cardinals @ Grays7pmMaury Wills16-2 Cardinals
Fri, June 19Nationals @ Senators7pmWaters13-2 Senators
Sat, June 20Giants @ Nationals7pmDulles CornerRAINED OUT, TBR
Sat, June 20Orioles @ Senators7pmWaters7-1 Senators
Sat, June 20Renegades @ Pirates7pmPVIRAINED OUT, Moved to 6/27*
Sat, June 20Panthers Blue @ Cardinals8:30amRegency4-3 Cardinals
Sat, June 20Panthers Blue @ Cardinals11:30amRegencyRAINED OUT, TBR
Sun, June 21Grays @ Senators12pmWaters4-2 Senators
Sun, June 21Grays @ Senators3pmWaters9-2 Senators
Mon, June 22Senators @ Cardinals6pmRegency11-0 Senators
Mon, June 22Pirates @ Grays7pmMaury Wills11-5 Pirates
Tue, June 23Nationals @ Cardinals6pmRegency4-0 Nationals
Tue, June 23Senators @ Pirates7pmPVI6-4 Senators
Wed, June 24Pirates @ Cardinals5pmRegency4-3 Cardinals
Wed, June 24Pirates @ Cardinals8pmRegency2-1 Cardinals
Wed, June 24Senators @ Grays7pmMaury Wills11-1 Senators
Thu, June 25Pirates @ Nationals7pmPVI3-1 Pirates
Thu, June 25Grays @ Cardinals7pmRiverdale HS9-6 Grays
Fri, June 26Senators @ Grays7pmWaters15-2 Senators
Fri, June 26Cardinals @ Nationals7pmMadison10-1 Nationals
Sat, June 27Renegades @ Nationals7pmMadison8-2 Nationals
Sat, June 27Giants @ Senators7pmWaters7-1 Senators
Sat, June 27Grays @ Cardinals8:30amRegency8-6 Grays
Sat, June 27Black Barons @ Cardinals12pmRegency11-3 Cardinals
Sat, June 27MD Nationals* @ Pirates11amPVI4-3 Pirates
Sat, June 27MD Nationals @ Pirates1:30pmPVI12-1 Pirates
Sun, June 28Cardinals @ Nationals4:30pmLaurel Hill15-5 Cardinals
Sun, June 28Grays @ Senators2pmWaters11-2 Senators
Mon, June 29Grays @ Cardinals6pmRegency7-5 Cardinals
Mon, June 29Senators @ Pirates7pmPVI4-1 Pirates
Tue, June 30Senators @ Cardinals6pmRegency11-6 Senators
Tue, June 30Pirates @ Nationals7pmPVI7-4 Pirates
Tue, June 30Panthers Gold @ Grays6pmDundalk CCCANCELLED, Moved to 7/20
Wed, July 1Nationals @ Grays**7pmMaury Wills10-7 Nationals
Wed, July 1Pirates @ Senators7pmWaters11-0 Senators
Wed, July 1MCBL @ Cardinals6pmRegencyCANCELLED BY SOMD
Thu, July 2Nationals @ Cardinals6pmRegency4-3 Cardinals
Thu, July 2Grays @ Pirates5pmPVI7-6 Pirates
Thu, July 2Grays @ Pirates8pmPVI3-2 Pirates
Fri, July 3Grays @ Cardinals6pmRegencyCANCELLED, Moved to 7/24
Fri, July 3Nationals @ Senators5pmWaters3-1 Nationals
Fri, July 3Nationals @ Senators7pmWaters6-4 Senators
Sun, July 5All Star Game: MCBL @ CGL2pmWaters10-6 CGL
Mon, July 6Nationals @ Grays**6:30pmMaury WillsFinal from 7/1: 10-7 Nationals
Mon, July 6Nationals @ Grays7pmMaury Wills5-4 Grays
Mon, July 6Pirates @ Cardinals7pmPVI9-5 Cardinals
Tue, July 7Grays @ Nationals7pmMaury Wills10-5 Grays
Tue, July 7Senators @ Pirates7pmPVI7-1 Senators
Wed, July 8Cardinals @ Senators7pmWaters8-5 Senators
Wed, July 8Pirates @ Grays7pmMaury Wills6-4 Pirates
Thu, July 9Pirates @ Nationals7pmPVI5-0 Pirates
Fri, July 10Nationals @ Grays7pmMaury Wills8-2 Nationals
Fri, July 10Cardinals @ Senators7pmWoodbridge HS6-1 Senators
Sat, July 11Reds @ Nationals7pmMcLean HS6-5 Nationals
Sat, July 11Panthers Gold @ Senators7pmWaters8-3 Senators
Sat, July 11Black Barons @ Grays8:15pmMaury WillsCANCELLED BY MCBL
Sat, July 11Cardinals @ Pirates5pmPVI3-0 Cardinals
Sat, July 11Cardinals @ Pirates8pmPVI4-0 Pirates
Sun, July 12Nationals @ Pirates1pmPVI6-4 Pirates
Mon, July 13Grays @ Senators7pmMaury Wills7-2 Senators
Mon, July 13Cardinals @ Pirates7pmPVI7-1 Pirates
Tue, July 14Nationals @ Pirates5pmPVI10-1 Nationals
Wed, July 15Senators @ Nationals7pmWaters17-0 Senators
Wed, July 15Grays @ Pirates7pmPVI13-2 Pirates
Thu, July 16Senators @ Pirates7pmPVI2-1 Pirates (10)
Thu, July 16Grays @ Cardinals6pmRegency6-2 Grays
Fri, July 17Grays @ Pirates5pmMaury Wills13-12 Pirates (10)
Fri, July 17Pirates @ Grays8pmMaury Wills4-0 Pirates
Fri, July 17Nationals @ Senators7pmWaters4-2 Senators
Sat, July 18Panthers Gold @ Nationals7pmMadison HS5-3 Nationals
Sat, July 18MD Nationals @ Senators7pmWatersCANCELLED, Moved to 7/26
Sat, July 18Giants @ Grays7pmMaury Wills8-5 Grays
Sat, July 18Black Barons @ Pirates7pmPVI4-1 Pirates
Sat, July 18Reds @ Cardinals8:30amRegency7-1 Cardinals
Sat, July 18Orioles @ Cardinals12pmRegency4-2 Cardinals
Sun, July 19Cardinals @ Senators2pmWaters13-7 Senators
Sun, July 19Panthers Blue @ Grays5pmMadison HSCANCELLED BY MCBL
Mon, July 20Pirates @ Senators7pmWaters8-2 Pirates
Mon, July 20Cardinals @ Nationals7pmMcLean HS3-1 Nationals
Mon, July 20Panthers Gold @ Grays7pmMaury WillsCANCELLED BY MCBL
Tue, July 21Nationals @ Pirates7pmPVI7-1 Pirates
Wed, July 22Senators @ Nationals7pmWaters6-5 Senators (10)
Wed, July 22Nationals @ Grays7pmMaury WillsCONFLICT, Moved to 7/26
Thu, July 23Grays @ Senators7pmWatersRAINED OUT, Moved to 7/28
Thu, July 23Pirates @ Cardinals7pmPVIRAINED OUT, Moved to 7/26
Fri, July 24Grays @ Cardinals5pmRegency4-3 Cardinals
Fri, July 24Grays @ Cardinals8pmRegency2-0 Cardinals
Fri, July 24Nationals @ Senators7pmWaters7-0 Senators
Sat, July 25Cardinals @ Senators7pmWatersRAINED OUT, Moved to 7/26
Sat, July 25Nationals @ Grays7pmMaury Wills5-0 Grays
Sat, July 25Reds @ Pirates11amPVI5-3 Pirates
Sun, July 26Pirates @ Cardinals1pmWaters6-1 Pirates
Sun, July 26Cardinals @ Senators7pmWaters5-3 Cardinals
Sun, July 26MD Nationals @ Senators7pmWatersCANCELLED BY MCBL
Sun, July 26Nationals @ Grays6pmMadison HS12-9 Nationals
Mon, July 27Grays @ Senators7pmWaters11-0 Senators
Wed, July 29Senators @ Pirates8:15pmWaters3-2 Senators

Jacobs Cup Tournament [Bracket]
Wed, July 29Game 1: #5 Grays vs. #4 Nationals5:15pmWaters8-1 Grays
Thu, July 30Game 2: #3 Cardinals vs. #2 Pirates4pmWaters1-0 Cardinals
Thu, July 30Game 3: #4 Nationals vs. #1 Senators7:30pmWaters6-5 Nationals
Fri, July 31Game 4: #2 Pirates vs. #1 Senators4pmWaters6-3 Pirates
Fri, July 31Game 5: #4 Nationals vs. #3 Cardinals7:30pmWaters4-3 Cardinals (14)
Sat, August 1Game 6: #4 Nationals vs. #2 Pirates3pmWaters5-4 Pirates
Sat, August 1Game 7: W6 vs. #3 Cardinals7pmWaters13-4 Cardinals